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I just updated a client to V15.4 from v13.4. Datafile was no problem.

As an ophthalmologist, he occasionally graphs eye pressure over time. Of course the first time he tried, it generated an error.

One for for a 27” monitor, and a button that opens another form to do the graph. Found the new Graph command. Opened the form for the graph. Took the 4D Chart area away. Opened the form procedure, and removed the old 4D Chart commands. Then it got weird. The form for the graph would not display the Property list - it opened blank. Or the master form.

1. Ran a compile. A random form would be listed as damaged, and the database as damaged.
2. Go back to the time machine backup from last night. It had compiled fine, and built the server and single user app.
3. Make changes again.
4. More white screens. go back to step #1.

The third loop through, when I opened it after the restore, I compiled it, and all was well. So, I shut it dow, and saved the .4DB and .4DY files - much simpler to restore. Opened it again, compiled again, then did changes. Saved the changes externally. Tested. Fixed an error. Compile screwed up the same way again.

The last time, I removed the code for the form from the project form Methods list. Then made my fixes, and things went much better.

Very spooky. Touch a form and another one breaks. MSC did not report any errors. I rebuilt the structure anyway. Did not help. Only the compiler knew something was wrong.

I hope it stays fixed.

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