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[ANN] AJUI_Breadcrumb 1.2

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The beautiful and powerful new release 4D V18 is now available and as promised we are ready !

We are proud to announce our new release AJUI_Breadcrumb 1.2 and it's new Lab & HDI : AJUI_BreadcrumbLAB.

What is a Breadcrumb?

AJUI_Breadcrumb is one of the 4D widget components of our AJ_Suite which includes :
 • AJUI_Banner 1.7
 • AJUI_Tip 1.6
 • AJUI_Progressbar 1.1
 • AJUI_FloatingLabel 1.1
 • AJUI_Button 1.3
 • AJ_Tools_xliff
 • AJ_Tools_UnitTest


AJUI_Breadcrumb allows you to dynamically generate and display Breadcrumbs in the context of a form.

What's new since version 1.1?

The component has been rewritten to be fully compliant with the new 4D V18 Release (4DZ component)

It includes a new kind of breadcrumb : the GROUPED BUTTONS.

Grouped buttons allow to graphically associate several buttons. These buttons therefore react like radio buttons. Only one button at a time can be selected in the set, unlike simple or arrow breadcrumb buttons.

AJUI_BreadcrumbLab has been rewritten to be fully compatible with the new 4D V18 version. It has been extended to handle the new functions of the Grouped Buttons. We offer a new HDI for Grouped Buttons, which will provide you with a solid example for its implementation in your 4D applications.

Tip (AJUI_BreadcrumbLab): when you override a default value of one property, this property is now in bold text which is consistent with the way 4D v18 handle the value in the 4D Form Property list (https://blog.4d.com/project-databases-new-possibilities-with-the-form-editor/)

All the manuals have been updated accordingly.

We now use Github as a repository for all our files.

You will find our Github link on our website:


The AJUI_Breadcrumb widget is free !


Maurice Inzirillo

twitter: ajar_info
Tél : +41 (0)323422684

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