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[ANN] AJUI_Tip 1.5

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 * * *  AJUI_Tip • Tooltip widget for 4D  * * *

AJUI_Tip is a widget Tooltip for 4D that helps the user to understand unknown or unfamiliar objects or the result of a data entry process in a 4D Form.

Today we are proud to announce our new release AJUI_Tip 1.5 and it's new Lab & HDI : AJUI_Tip_Lab

What's new since version 1.0?

We now use Github as a repository for all our files. You will find this link on our website: https://ch-fr.4d.com/ajuitip

We have added some improvements and made some corrections to the component:

• Refactoring of the workflow of the show and hide of a tip.
• Call the worker only when necessary.
• Rework the fade in / fade out to always be executed when we do a show or hide.
• Create a method that will handle the duration of a tip. The duration doesn't include the fade in or fade out.
• Include the animation handler in between the fade in / fade out and the duration handler. Make sure all work in a good way.
• You cannot relaunch an animation until it is finished. You can relaunch the animation if you have change some properties of the tip.
• Use a interprocess object to keep the tip references (kind of internal Storage)
• Use a process variable to store all the instances UUID of the current process
• Add a AJUI_Tip_clearCache method to use to clean the internal storage for the current process.
• Add the ability to use Form inside a subform tip.
• New feature : curved arrow, 4 news formulas to handle them.
• Fixed formula name : Show and Hide (first letter in upper case).
• updated v18
• fix a problem with the subform context
• Set back the SVG option to absolute coordinate after drawing svg in relative if the option was absolute.
 • Export and Import template method/formula modified

We have added some improvements and extended the Lab :
• Added new skin for each HDI form.
• Lab form completely reworked, using Advanced ListBox for properties, AJUI_Button and AJUI_Banner.
• New HDI Curves example provided.
• updated v18
• fix HDI subform
• New file system to save/load the templates

We have updated the component documentation (some rewriting and some new stuff) to take into account the new features and corrections in version 1.5

We provide you with a brand new specific manual for the application AJUI_Tip_Lab

AJUI_Tip_Lab is now provided in its source code.

4D v18 will arrive very soon in 2020. We still have some surprises in store for you as soon as this version is available!

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2019 to all of you.

2020 will be a very big year!


Maurice Inzirillo

twitter: ajar_info
Tél : +41 (0)323422684

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