[ANN] CalendarSet 3.6 released

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[ANN] CalendarSet 3.6 released

Philippe Ganter
e-Node, the leading 4th Dimension plug-in publisher, announces CalendarSet 3.6.


Version 3.6 fixes various bugs, simplifies the license system and brings an overall better stability.

Version 3.5 licenses can be upgraded to 3.6 for free (except OEM licenses subscribed with a third party), please contact e-Node with a valid proof of purchase if your license was purchased from a third party.

System requirements
CalendarSet 3.6 requires 4D v2004 or higher (including 4D v11 SQL).

Fixed bugs
— MM_PopArea objects would not display properly on Windows clients
— Time, date and color popup menus no longer "stick" to the pointer.
— General stability improvements, especially with 4D v11 and Windows.

Syntax modification
CS_Register now expects only one parameter, as there is now only one registration key (see below).

New license system
Only one registration key is required. The key is either linked to the 4D or 4D Server serial number (regular licenses), or to the name of the company / developer (unlimited licenses).
Like all e-Node plug-ins, CalendarSet offers six different license types. There are no such things as MacOS vs Windows or Development vs Deployment.

Please refer to the updated CalendarSet 3.6 manual and to the release notes for more details.

Best regards,
Phil Ganter
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