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[Ann] Setutl update now available

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Both of these components are available as Shareware (compiled) and are free to download,
Source code is available, see the documentation for the individual components.

Setutl is a v13 compiled component that provides additional functionality to/with 4D sets.

you can download it here:

Here is a summary of Setutl:
setutl_Clear - clears a set created by setutl
setutl_Copy - copies a set into a set managed by setutl
setutl_Create_Empty - creates an empty set managed by setutl
setutl_Create - creates aset managed by setutl
setutl_Difference - differences 2 sets, optionally clearing the second set
setutl_Does_Set_Exist - determine if 1 or more sets exist (managed by setut)
setutl_GethighlightedRecords - creates a set managed by setutl of the current highlighted records
setutl_Hold_Selection - places the current selection of a table into a set managed by setutl
setutl_Intersection - intersects 2 sets, optionally clearing the second
setutl_Load - Loads a set saved to disk into a set managed by setutl
setutl_Next - go to the next record in the set
setutl_On_Same_Table - are 2 sets on the same table
setutl_Set_Query_Destination - if used for 'into set' creates a set managed bysetutl
setutl_Return_Selection - returns to the current selection a previously 'held' selection
setutl_Track_Other - add a set created outside of setutl to the setutl manages sets
setutl_Union_Sets - unions 2 sets, optionally clearing the second
setutl_Use_and_Clear - uses a set, and clears the contents
setutl_What_Set - what, setutl, managed sets exist for a specified table
setutl_What_Table - what table does a specific set belong to

(if you purchased the source of Setutl, you will see an update delivered to your email box)

Also available
Txtutl Component - is a v13 compiled component that provides additional text manipulation functionality

Here is a summery of Txtutl:
txtutl_Add_if_Not_Existing - adds a character string (front, back or both) to an existing text, if the character(s) do not already exist in that (those) location(s).
txtutl_Append_to_Blob - appends a text to a blob
txtutl_Are_Words_Similar - compares 2 words, using Levenshtein distance to determine similarity.
txtutl_Arrays_to_Text - moves the content of 1 or more arrays into a text variable
txtutl_Capitalize - Capitalizes The First Letter of Each Word In A Text, Includes An Override
txtutl_Character_Count - How many times does a specified character string appear in source text.
txtutl_Character_First - first character of text
txtutl_Character_Last - last character of text
txtutl_Convert_From_Hex - convert a hex value to a long integer value
txtutl_Convert_From_Text - convert text to most data types supported
txtutl_Convert_to_Hex - convert a numeric value to hex (long or real)
txtutl_Convert_to_Text - convert most data types to text
txtutl_Current_EOL - What if the EOL of the currently opened file
txtutl_Day_Name - Name of the day of the week, full or abrev.
txtutl_Delim_Text_to_Array - move delimited text into an array
txtutl_Distinct_Characters - what are the distinct characters in a text
txtutl_Exact_Match - are 2 texts exactly the same - case sensitive
txtutl_Month_Name - name of the month full or abrev
txtutl_Omit_Characters - remove one or more characters (or as character codes) from a text
txtutl_Pad - add spaces (or other characters) to a text to a specified length
txtutl_Parse - rip apart a text to get portions of the text for processing (ex: imports)
txtutl_Parse_Reverse - rip apart a text starting from the right side (ex: directory structure)
txtutl_Position - faster position, takes into account Unicode
txtutl_Position_Reverse - position, only starting from the right, takes into account Unicode
txtutl_Position_of_Occurrence - what position is the Nth occurrence of a character string
txtutl_Random_Text - generate random text, with optional weighting (ex: passwords)
txtutl_Read_File_to_Text - read a file into a text var/field or text array
txtutl_Records_to_BlobText_Fast - place all or part of records into text returned as a blob
txtutl_Records_to_BlobText_Safe - place all or part of records into text returned as a blob
txtutl_Records_to_Text_Fast - place all or part of records into text
txtutl_Records_to_Text_Safe - place all or part of records into text
txtutl_Replace_String - faster replace string
txtutl_Strip_Characters - remove character(s) from either or both ends of a text
txtutl_UnCapitalize - uNCAPITALIZES tHE fIRST lETTER oF eACH wORD iN a tEXT.
txtutl_Zero_Fill - create a zero fill format for padding numbers to get correct sorting
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