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Document-Management Solution for 4D

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Although I have used 4th Dimension for the last 25 years for my projects,
this is my first post (but hopefully not my last) in this forum.

My company specializes in medical database applications. In addition to
several 4D apps (mostly combined with SQL databases), we have developed a
professional DMS (Document Management System), which I would like to offer
here If you are interested in that kind of stuff read on, otherwise ....
The target group for our software, simply called "MacPacs" are 4D
developers, who are looking for a performant and scalable option for saving
lots and lots of documents. Integration into any 4D application is done with
minimal effort, that is to say in less than half a day (seriously!).
If you only have to save a few thousand documents, you certainly do not need
such a software. Most of the time we used it to store medical reports (4D
Write, Word), scanned documents or sonography images. Because sometimes the
customer requirement was to store several million documents, we did not want
to save them either in the database or in the file system.

You can find all the technical details in a compact documentation here
( Any feedback or
questions are welcome.

If this (sub-)forum is not the right place for such content, I would like to
apologize in advance.


Klaus Dröder

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