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Planned Summit 2020 Presentation

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I was scheduled to present the Argus Development Environment addition for 4D at the Chicago Summit. Unfortunately it was canceled. Though I worked lots to create the digital presentation I could not meet the deadline to have it up. On our farm, I changed the animal breeding schedule to have them give birth after the Summit. So my time was very limited after the Summit to work on a video Conference.

Sadly the decision was made that without a video presentation my Summit Presentation was not to see the light of developers.

I thought it might be of interest to others to see the demo database, Presentation notes, and Keynote that I made for the presentation. If you are interested send me you Name, and E-Mail address and I will be pleased to send it to you.

The presentation’s intention is to show how at ARGUS we have used the 4D language to create tools to improve the speed of our coding, to improve the quality of our code, improve the management of our projects, and prove to a higher degree the quality of our code. This is all done using 4D language code – nothing else. These are issues that every programmer should be concerned about, and want to continually improve. This is a tool that we now use for all our projects. As we use it, we get more ideas and add more things to the ADE tool. We did this using versions 4D v16 and v17. There are features already in v18, that we are looking at implement in ADE that will enhance this even more.

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