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we do exactly what you describe via xdp-files. That are pdf forms encapsulated in some xml. The forms are created with Adobe Acrobat and enhanced with Livecycle Designer. The pdf is then converted to Base64 and embedded in a xdp, wich is xml following some specs from adobe. From 4D we set the values of certain xml tags (via PROCESS 4D TAGS), which have the same names as the form fields of the pdf form. Adobe Acrobat Reader then feeds these values automatically into the corresponding form fields (upon opening the .xdp-file). The maybe changed form field values are then sent via email as xml file to 4D and imported back into the database records. For linking with the original records we have xml tags containig the primary keys.

Ingo Wolf

[hidden email] schrieb am Wed, 14 Jun 2017 00:47:18 -0700:

>I have a project where my client wants me to generate Enterable PDF forms
>within 4D that would be populated by variable data but also have form fields
>that would be enterable by the customer.  
>Then my 4D App would email the form directly to the customer to be completed
>and then emailed back to my client.
>It would then be best for automation if my 4D App could parse the PDF
>returned and populate data in 4D with the customer's completed form data.

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