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I read a post you made in January (below).  I am currently building out a REST interface for a system.  I am finding writing the REST calls fun and challenging but the 4D language has a lot of stuff that helps.  What I am not having much fun with is the documentation.  I know what I want to document but I am not sure what the best approach is.

I read Swagger all the time although some of the documentation I have seen where the developers say they have used Swagger is frankly not that great.  I am not sure how I would use Swagger with hand coded 4D REST calls.  Do you have any guidelines or advice?  I think it might be just about getting some good templates which is not my strongpoint.

Regards,  Dougie

> On 16 Jan 2017, at 20:00, [hidden email] wrote:
> We wrote a REST API in 4D and expose it with the built in web server.  The REST API serves up JSON docs formatted in Siren.  The API is documented in Swagger. On the front end we wrote an AngularJS application that talks to the REST API.
> Advantages:
> * If we wanted to we could implement the same API somewhere else and the front end would keep working. There isn't anything 4D-specific about the web app.
> * Our customers can access the REST API directly and build their own tools (and a few of them are!).
> Disadvantages:
> * Creating a REST API in 4D is time consuming. There aren't any tools/frameworks to make this happen or to automatically generate documentation, etc.
> I found these two books to be very helpful:
> AngularJS Up and Running: <>
> RESTful Web APIs: <>
> Joshua Hunter


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