Time to subscribe to e-Node Partner license for your 4D professional tools

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Time to subscribe to e-Node Partner license for your 4D professional tools

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Dear developers,

e-Node Partner subscription matches 4D's annual Partner program and covers all 4D professional tools published by e-Node: AreaList Pro, SuperReport Pro, PrintList Pro, CalendarSet and Internet Toolkit (ITK).

For each product, a single registration key allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, except merged) on all 4D Standalones and 4D Servers (2 users) regardless of 4D product numbers, OS and versions. No merged applications.

This is a yearly license, which expires on February 1st (same date as 4D Partner licenses).
Expiration only affects interpreted mode. Compiled applications using an obsolete license will never expire.

Note: you don’t have to be a 4D Partner to subscribe to the e-Node Partner license.

The e-Node Partner license is available from any relevant product page:

Get 10% off any product/license for one whole year!

In addition, e-Node Partner subscribers qualify for a 10% discount on a permanent basis, on all products and licenses available from www.e-node.net including 4D professional tools, 4D products & maintenance and PDF tools regardless of the license types (except the Partner license itself).

Enter the promotional code "PARTNER" when ordering anytime of the year from our website to apply this discount on any order, as many times as you want, if you have a currently valid e-Node Partner license.

New 64-bit / v16 compatible releases
The e-Node Partner 2018 subscription includes licenses for the new versions (AreaList Pro v10, PrintList Pro v6, CalendarSet v5 as well as SuperReport Pro v4 – currently in beta) offering 64-bit / v16 compatibility and a lot of new features.

Partners will get both licenses (previous version and new version) for all aforementioned products.

Philippe Ganter
Sponsor of Paris and Washington 2018 4D Summits

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