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Unable to connect to 4D Server

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Hi all.
We have a built 4D v15.2 Win 64bit server and client application.
The client runs on a separate machine from the 4D server machine and they are on separate AWS servers in the cloud.
The existing version works well (I think the OS is Windows Server 2008 R2).

Our IT guy is setting up new servers running Win Server 2012 r2 and is having problems getting the client to connect to the server.
The client application will connect if run as the domain administrator on the client machine, but not if run as the user administrator.

He tells me that, in both cases, ports 19812,19813 and 19814 are open, and the client application has permission to run.
He can't find a .4DLink file in the old version's user's folders so we can't try using that.

Does anyone have any idea of any settings that might have been missed?
Cheers, Keith
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