WP 4D Write Pro 9 missing features and open bugs - need your support

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WP 4D Write Pro 9 missing features and open bugs - need your support

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time is running and does not stand still. In autumn macOS 10.15 will be released and the 32 bit support for 4D apps is gone on Mac.

I have a feature request posted for 9 missing WP 4D Write functions.

Link: https://forums.4d.com/Post/DE/28264550/0/0/

I ask for your support to give this contribution 4 stars and also very much to write something about it which you need additionally. Or just add a comment on what your most important points are.

1. Print with transparent page background.
2. Toolbar malfunction to format frames.
3. Default dialogs to format references
4. Write Pro more properties to WP SET ATTRIBUTES / page mode, ruler on/off, zoom %
5. 4D Write Pro, smaller horizontal ruler and copy/paste/format tabs
6. toolbar enhancements Pictures, Tables
7. Search/Replace feature in user interface
8. Please make columns and text blocks on the same page possible
9. WP Tables colspan and rowspan
10. to be continued

Thanks for your attention and support
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