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Web Site Security - Observatory by Moziila

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We have been working on making our web product more secure, and customer's
security testing was giving us a hard time.

I recently found this:  https://observatory.mozilla.org/

It will test your site, and offer step by step advice on making it more
It's easily the most understandable information I've seen on web security -
especially for those of us that don't spend all our time working on web
apps (yet!).
It took a couple of days to get through it all, but now we pass all the
tests, and I know enough to be dangerous.

I'm curious if anyone has used Mozilla Observatory, if there are any
opinions on it's quality, and if there are other recommendations.

Our setup is:
4D v12.6
Apache, with the SSL cert, as reverse proxy in a DMZ

 - Jim Hays
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