ZipCenter... a blast from the past.

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ZipCenter... a blast from the past.

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Anyone besides me using ZipCenter?

It has worked great for me through all these years but the license I have fails now when running 64bit 16R6. ASG distributed it but ASG is no more, and David Adams who I believe wrote it does not have a clue about licensing aspects, which I am guessing Michael Erickson added to the plugin before he started distributing it.

If anyone is using it and has it working with 64bit 4D, could you share your license with me? Otherwise I am going to move on to one of the web based zip code services. It twas nice having a self contained zip code library while it lasted.

BTW, does anyone know how Michael is doing these days. I always enjoyed his company at the Summits. Always full of energy.


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